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ROM is an independent book publisher and collective of writers founded on the principle that literature should be of high quality, authored by lovers of the written word, and whether it is a work of fiction or non-fiction, should be thought provoking as well as entertaining. ROM’s mission is to introduce to readers writers who still believe a written work should be first and foremost excellent in communicating its ideas through the written word. When deciding whether to submit your manuscript, ask yourself “is my work different from any other work in this genre?” Will my work stand apart from all others?”

About ROM

Why Choose ROM?


You may ask “why should I publish with ROM instead of self-publishing my own book?” ROM will professionally produce your book in standard paperback and e-book formats. ROM’s professional editors will carefully vet your book to ensure the formatting and content are excellent and communicates what the author intended to communicate effectively. ROM is affiliated with experienced public relations and marketing professionals capable of marketing and promoting your book to give it visibility with readers. ROM is also a social collective of writers who share the same goal: to influence change for the better in our world through written words. After all, the pen really is mightier than the sword.




matthias Miles

“When I was about 10 years old my mother would take me with her to pick my dad up from work. He worked as a welder in an American auto plant, building the frames for cars. First shift. I remember how I felt when I’d see dad coming through those plant doors after a hard day of honest work, surrounded by other hard-working men in dirty denim jumpsuits. I was proud of my dad. I was proud of all of the men coming through that door with him. Some Black, some White, some Mexican. Together. No matter what happened behind those plant doors during their shift, they emerged from it together. That is what I try to convey with my writing. We can get through anything that comes…together.”


-Matthias Miles


Matthias’ novel, WILL OF THE WISPS, is available for sale in paperback and digitally on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  


Will of the Wisps

Matthias Miles

Will of the Wisps is a novel about desire and all of the different forms desire can take. Desire for things. Desire for love and affection. Desire for life's purpose. It is about the unforeseen consequences that can arise when people pursue their desires.


We receive a large number of partial manuscripts. Because we make sure to publish a select group of high quality works, we don’t base our decisions to publish or not only on query letters. ROM considers each work individually. Because of the attention we give to our prospective authors, our response time varies. But generally you should expect to wait no less than three to five months.


Before submitting your work, we ask that you consider whether your work fits our publishing profile. We specialize in high-quality works of fiction and non-fiction that are as thought provoking as they are entertaining. See the “About ROM” section of this Site.




If you believe you and your work are made for ROM and vice versa, outlined here is the basic procedure for submitting manuscripts and proposals.


To get your fictional submission reviewed promptly, submission of the work of fiction should include a cover letter giving a brief description of the work and the contact information where you may be reached.


To get your non-fiction submission reviewed promptly, submission of the work of non-fiction should include a cover letter giving a brief description of the work, the contact information where you can be reached, and the Author/illustrator/photographer’s biography, including publishing credits and credentials in the field in which your work is based.


To submit, please send the first four chapters of completed works. No proposals will be accepted. Submissions are accepted by the first four chapters of the manuscript in PDF format in own of two ways:

Via Mail:

ROM Digital Ink Press

ATTN: Submissions 

P.O. Box 2047 

Houston, Texas 77252

Via ROM’s email (in PDF only):




ROM Digital Ink Press

P.O. Box 2047 

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